Press Release - Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC announces launch of new wide range sensor for the converting industry

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Stillwater, OK, August 29th, 2020– Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC launched at Converters Expo it's latest development, the WPS 900 sensor . This sensor provides a sensing range of 35.4" (900 mm), making it the widest sensing range in the industry.

The WPS 900 has the same versatility as the rest of the Roll-2-Roll® Sensor product line, allowing converters to use it in multiple applications on their manufacturing line.

The main features of the WPS 900 are:

  • Widest proportional band sensor in the industry
  • High resolution in a wide sensor, standard mode resolution of 0.005" (0.127 mm) with a higher resolution of .0025" (0.0635 mm) available
  • Open standard for industrial ethernet protocol through its controller unit.
  • Tracking of up to 256 edges.
  • One sensor for multiple applications: width measurement, edge, center and line guiding, flag detection, mark detection contrast position measurement with appropriate light source
  • One side sensor - compact profile for installation in spaces other sensors cannot fit.

Benefits of the WPS 900 include:

  • No repositioning of sensors. Its wide sensing range provides cost reduction with improved accuracy in comparison with systems that reposition sensors.
  • No need for sensor calibration, so you can process nonwovens, meshes, film and many other materials with no down time.

Aravind Seshadri, President of Roll-2-Roll Technologies indicated that “customers have always inquired about a wider sensing range to get greater coverage of their web. The result of our R&D work is a wide sensing range sensor with great resolution and compact design, for a simple to use sensor.”

Roll-2-Roll Technologies hosted live demo sessions of their entire line of products during Converters Expo. These live online demo sessions are available by booking a time slot at the Roll-2-Roll Technologies website: .

Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC invites all converters and related industries to visit its website at periodically to keep updated on new products and development, and its library of instructional papers and videos. 

Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC provides the most advanced and simple to use web positioning sensor technology for the converting industry and general automation. The nimble technical company, we are the disruptors of the web handling industry for the benefit of our customers.

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