Web edge sensor for challenging web materials

We are often asked by our customers to let them know if we can sense or edge guide a certain material. This is how this usually goes:

We have a difficult to sense material. It is very porous, non-homogeneous, extremely translucent... Do you think your web edge sensor can see the material and guide the material?

And our answer typically is, yes we can.

Web Guiding Fundamentals - Normal Entry Rule

Most web guides work on the fundamental principle of Normal Entry.

This rule states that a web approaching a roller will align itself perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the roller. The Normal Entry principle accounts for one of the most common defects in a converting line, roller misalignment. If your converting line has one roller that is not correctly aligned perpendicularly to the required path of the web, the web will move in order to be perpendicular to the misaligned roller.

Web Guiding Fundamentals - Intermediate Web Guides

Intermediate Web Guides

Used before a critical process in the converting line 

In our previous post on web guiding fundamentals, we mentioned the terminal web guides. These are web guides that are found at the start or the end of the process. Their location is usually on an unwind or a rewind stand. As we discussed, their installation depends on whether the guiding system is used for unwinding a roll of web or rewind a processed web into a roll.

Web Guiding Fundamentals - Terminal Web Guides

The web at the start and end of your converting line needs to be properly aligned to have a good conversion process and a well wound roll for your customers

It's an advantage to know what you are dealing with when aligning your web as it enters your converting process or is being wound into a processed roll. Here's some information that should be of help to you.

The uncertainty of trade shows in 2021

As you prepared the marketing budget for 2021, trade shows probably put a big question mark on your plan...

We sat late last year discussing this particular item while preparing our 2021 budget.

Trade shows hit a huge speed bump with all the restrictions caused by Covid-19. We just didn't know if people were going to attend or if exhibitors would participate. In talking to partners and customers we found that this was a variable that was up in the air.

Web Guiding Fundamentals - Why We Need Web Guides

A customer once asked us why would you need web guiding on a brand new machine?

Their point of view was that the machine was state of the art, the web guide didn't move at all during operation, and they didn't see any problems with their materials. Well, our answer was that there are four main reasons why any converting line requires web guides.

Web Guiding Fundamentals - Common Terminology

As a converter that deals with the day to day operation of a converting line you probably run into issues with communication within your operation, or externally with suppliers. Your problem is how do you efficiently get your point across? It definitely helps if you use the proper terminology or understand other terms used in the industry. We want to help you with that with our Web Guiding Fundamentals series.

Web Guiding Upgrade Applications

Web Guiding Upgrade Applications

Imagine running a converting operation that has multiple converting lines. Each of these lines has been in operation for at least 20 years. You have invested in many improvements to the line, but are now faced with aging web guiding systems that are starting to fail.

At first, you manage to work with the deficiencies they have.