New Technologies in Web Width Measurement

Web Width Measurement - an Important Quality Parameter

Web width measurement is one of those applications that is usually an afterthought until reality bites. Converters might be faced with improving their process by reducing web edge trim or eliminating downtime due to web widths out of specification. Most importantly, they want their customers to be happy by avoiding delivering products that do not comply with customer web width requirements. 

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When we started Roll-2-Roll Technologies over five years ago...

we had an idea in mind as to how we would change the industry. Our technology for certain is a game changer in the industry. We introduced a sensing technology that separates itself from any of the traditional philosophies of edge sensing designs: a sensor that can detect any kind of material and deal with changing environmental conditions without calibration, and a single sided sensor that departs from the fork style design so that it occupies less volume and can be fit in restricted spaces.