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Wide Web Guides

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The Most Intelligent Web Guides Should Be Easy to Use

Simplify your setup without sacrificing accuracy

Roll-2-Roll Technologies Wide Web Guides are designed for wide web converting applications. These web guides are actuated by precision linear hybrid stepper motor for superior performance. The pivoting guide platform is supported by precision aluminum shafts with maintenance free self lubricating spherical bearings for reliable operation. The modular and scalable design can be adapted to many applications.

Roll-2-Roll Sensor and Control technology makes the web guide easy to install, and simple to operate and maintain. The accurate and precise measurement technology adjusts automatically to the physical characteristics of the material, such as opacity and porosity. The benefits include reduction of waste, downtime and changeover time.

No Setup + No Calibration = No Worries

Simple and easy solution

  • Increase productivity with no setup and calibration after product changeover
  • Save time with plug-and-play operation
  • Reduce waste with high accuracy and high precision guiding
  • Save money with a single solution for multiple guiding applications
  • A sensor that adapts automatically to any material helps decrease downtime
  • Grooved rollers for improved traction and guiding performance
  • Linear hybrid stepper motor with high dynamic response and positioning accuracy for superior performance to minimize waste
  • Low voltage and safe operation with 24 VDC power input
  • Guide platform supported on precision aluminum shafts with maintenance free self-lubricating bearing for reliable operating
  • Modular and scalable construction for easy adaptation into varied industrial environments
  • Color touchscreen operator interface with language independent icons for easy adoption in multiple regions
  • Six sizes from 250 mm (10") to 550 mm (22") for any narrow web converting application
  • Wide web printing, coating, lamination and slitting
  • Edge guiding, center guiding, line guiding and contrast guiding
Roller Face 700 mm to 1800 mm Nominal Travel ± 25 mm
Nominal Temperature 0 - 60° C  Correction Rate Up to 25 mm/sec
Motor Type Linear Hybrid Stepper Operator Interface Color touchscreen
Input Supply 24 VDC Languages Language Independent
Control Frequency 50 Hz Sensor Type Fiber Optic
Error Frequency 2 Hz Sensor Resolution 0.0635 mm or 0.125 mm
Maximum Tension 4000 N Sensor Range 16, 48, 221 or 440 mm
Linear Force 1100 N - 2000 N Accuracy >99.2%
Available Web Guide Mechanisms
Options Description
WMS G700-75-NC Web guide mechanism: 75 mm diameter, 700 mm wide roller
WMS G760-75-NC Web guide mechanism: 75 mm diameter, 760 mm wide roller
WMS G940-75-NC Web guide mechanism: 75 mm diameter, 940 mm wide roller
WMS G1050-75-NC Web guide mechanism: 75 mm diameter, 1050 mm wide roller
WMS G1200-75-NC Web guide mechanism: 75 mm diameter, 1200 mm wide roller
WMS G1350-75-NC Web guide mechanism: 75 mm diameter, 1350 mm wide roller
WMS G1500-75-NC Web guide mechanism: 75 mm diameter, 1500 mm wide roller
WMS G1650-75-NC Web guide mechanism: 75 mm diameter, 1650 mm wide roller
WMS G1800-75-NC Web guide mechanism: 75 mm diameter, 1800 mm wide roller
  • 100 mm or 4" diameter rollers are available on request.
  • Smooth rollers or rollers with coatings are available on request.
  • Custom span lengths and rollers length are available on request.