Wide web guide powered sensor and control technology

Wide Web Guides

The Wide Roll-2-Roll Web Guide are designed for wide web converting applications. These web guides are actuated by precision linear hybrid stepper motor for superior performance. The pivoting guide platform is supported by precision aluminum shafts with maintenance free self lubricating spherical bearings for reliable operation. The modular and scalable design can be adapted to many applications.
Roll-2-Roll® Upgrade Kit

Web Guide Upgrade Kit

The web guide replacement kit is a cost effective option to upgrade an existing web guide. Displacement guides, steering guides, unwind stands and rewind stands can be upgraded with this kit. Existing pneumatic, hydraulic or electromechanical web guides can get the benefit of the latest sensing and control technologies with this upgrade kit.
Compact web guiding system guiding a printed web

Compact Web Guiding Systems

Roll-2-Roll Web Guide is an easy to install and operate web guide that can work with a variety of materials under difficult operating conditions. These web guides are powered by the patented sensor and control technology. The unique sensing principle of the web edge/position sensor enables the system to be intelligent, adaptive, reliable and sophisticated.