• Roll-2-Roll® Actuators
  • Roll-2-Roll® Actuators
  • Roll-2-Roll® Actuators
  • Roll-2-Roll® Actuators

Roll-2-Roll® Actuators

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    8 Weeks Lead Time

Most Intelligent WEB GUIDES should be EASY TO USE!

Simplify your setup without sacrificing accuracy

Roll-2-Roll®  Actuators are suitable for any type of web guide including displacement guides, steering guides, unwind guides, rewind guides, turnbars, etc.

Brushless stepper or brushless servo actuators provide high thrust, high speed, high precision and reliable operation without the hassles of maintenance with most brushed actuators.

These actuators can move any web guide frame including unwind and rewind stands. Thrusts ranging from 200 N (50 lbf) to 18,000 N (4000 lbf) can move stands upto 18,000 Kg (40,000 lb) with a suitable Roll-2-Roll® Driver.

All actuators have brusless stepper motors or brushless servo motors for reliable and maintenance free operation. Lead Screw, Ball Screw or Planetary Roller Screw options are available based on thrust, speed and positioning accuracy.

  • Increase productivity with high speed actuator that can increase runnability of difficult materials
  • Save time and money with readily available off-shelf replacement actuators
  • Reduce waste with high accuracy and high precision positioning
  • Save money with reliable operation from brushless stepper motors
  • Brushless Stepper or Servo actuators
  • Thrusts ranging from 200 N (50 lbf) to 18,00 N (4000 lbf) can move loads upto 18,000 Kg (40,000 lb)
  • Off-shelf replacements that are affordable and readily available for quick replacement
Thrust 50 lbf (200 N) to 4500 lbf (18,000 N)
Stroke Length 1 in (25 mm) to 12 in (300 mm)
Speed Up to 2.36 in/sec (60 mm/sec)