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String Detection and Monitoring Application

String Detection and Monitoring Application

When we started Roll-2-Roll Technologies over five years ago...

we had an idea in mind as to how we would change the industry. Our technology for certain is a game changer in the industry. We introduced a sensing technology that separates itself from any of the traditional philosophies of edge sensing designs: a sensor that can detect any kind of material and deal with changing environmental conditions without calibration, and a single sided sensor that departs from the fork style design so that it occupies less volume and can be fit in restricted spaces.

However, our mission statement has two main tenets to how we approach converters and future customers. One, we want to provide simple solutions to even the most challenging problems. We want your technical and operations personnel to feel comfortable with our technology. This will allow them to take fewer steps to set-up a web guiding or monitoring system. Your operators and technical staff will get readouts and outputs in an easier fashion. Converters will save time, materials and money. Two, we want to democratize access to technology. Our idea is to teach people in the converting industry how webs behave, how web guiding works, how our sensor technology simplifies the converting operation. We want anyone that is interested to have a working knowledge of web guiding and monitoring applications.

How are we going to do this? By giving you access to articles, videos, live online demos, etc. All you have to do is ask. 

Additionally, we will also work on posting blogs on general issues that affect general converting. Last year we would have never envisioned an industry without personal live contacts, but that is exactly where we are. Most companies have adapted to a giant change in how we get our information and products to customers. Companies that learned how to handle the new conditions of doing business and proactively acted on it, are now seeing the fruit of their labor. Is this a permanent condition? We don’t believe so, but we do know that the change has made us more creative. This is the part that we hope remains with the industry after all is past us.

So, we look forward to sharing our views on web handling technology with you and we will work hard to make this worth your while.