Web guide and sensors, we are very good at what we do

Converters, as many other industrial sectors, are always looking for solutions to their operational problems.  

All we can say is that in web guiding and web monitoring systems, we are very good at what we do.

Reaching out to you

We are very good at contacting you when you reach out to us. Whether you contact us for inquiries on our technology or a quote, we aim to respond to you promptly. We shoot for contacting you within the hour. We know when customers approach us they have a unique web guide or sensor problem. 

Customer engagement

We are very good at engaging the customer to understand their problem. We listen, carefully. We offer them our expert advice on possible solutions, even though it might turn out that the solution they need does not require our products or technology. In such a case, we provide them with guidance as to what they should be looking for. However, if we have a solution for them, we make sure they understand the application we are proposing. In some cases we are tasked with providing the least expensive solution. If it is a basic guiding or sensing operation we might not be the best answer to the customer. In any case, we always look at the whole picture. We want to make sure that we are not missing anything in our customers story that would affect the solution. We do shy away from using the term “cheap” in describing a solution. It’s a personal quirk. Cheap has a connotation of low quality more than low cost. So we use terms such as affordable, least expensive or inexpensive.

We know with the current pandemic, many of you cannot attend trade shows or even allow visits to your facilities. That is why we offer live online demonstrations of our products and technology. All you need to do is schedule a time and date, and we will more than happy to show us the applications to solve your problem.

Live online demos of web guide and web monitoring

You also have access to our monthly webinars. We present to you varied topics, from the basics of web guiding to more advanced concepts and specific discussions of monitoring applications. Sign up by contacting us. 

Web Guide Fundamentals Webinar


On-time delivery

We are very good at getting our web guides and web monitoring solutions to our customers on time. A typical lead time is 4 weeks. However, there are situations in which we present a longer lead of 6 weeks. Even then, we work hard at getting the product to you as soon as possible. If we consider we can deliver earlier than the quoted lead time, we notify you to make sure you are ready to receive the product. Most important, we rarely miss a shipping date.


We are very good at helping our customers in the installation and operation of their systems. Our customers have access to a library of manuals and instructional articles and videos. We keep adding more content to our library. As we develop advances in our technology, we also create more support material. However, if you need to talk to us, we are always available to guide you.

Develop New Technology

We are very good at focusing our development on current and future problems that Converters face. You now have access to a sensor technology that is not affected by changes in material characteristics or environmental conditions. If you run only one material in your line, you probably might not need us. If you process varying density nonwovens on your line, you might want to get in touch with us to eliminate sensor calibrations. You need to eliminate physically repositioning the sensor or sensors to accommodate for running different web widths? We offer you a variety of sensor ranges, up to 35.5 inches, to eliminate sensor repositioning. You wanted to guide on the edge of a label to eliminate printing an additional line on your web for line guiding? Our contrast sensor application was designed to provide multiple sensing options. They can help guide a web based on a constant printed feature. Are you in need of monitoring multiple webs, such as strings or strips? Our technology allows us to count measure and monitor multiple webs 

Thread Counting in Web Monitoring

Our company is in the business of solving problems that others cannot solve or are less efficient at it than us.

We start by analyzing the problem with our customer.  until we are sure we understand the real issue. During this conversation we strive to educate our customer contact on the cause of the problem and the solutions available. In some cases, we have provided guidance to our customers about solutions that in a sense don’t involve our products. We can do this because our engineering staff not only has a clear understanding of web handling, but also has expertise in the development of the technology on which our products are based.

What are we very good at?

Helping you solve your web guiding or web monitoring problem as fast as you need it, as simple as that.