web edge position

Roll-2-Roll® Sensors: How it works and what are the applications?

The webinar will cover sensing and measurement technology that are used in Roll-2-Roll® Sensors.

The presentation will cover:

  • the fundamental working principle of the patented fiber optic technology
  • how it differs from the conventional sensors
  • benefits of the fiber optic technology
  • application of the fiber optic sensor technology for sensing and measurement applications such as edge detection, width measurement, registration mark detection, flag detection, void/hole detection, tear detection, etc.

Sinusoidal disturbance rejection demo featuring Roll-2-Roll Technologies web guiding system

Roll-2-Roll Technologies web guiding system uses a revolutionary fiber optic web sensing technology to accurately measure web position. In this video, several speeds and several disturbance frequencies are introduced to evaluate the performance of the web guide for a sinusoidal disturbance commonly seen in web lines.