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Introducing ODC 960

Roll-2-Roll Technologies is proud to announce the introduction of their latest product, the ODC 960 sensor. Boasting a sensing range of 37.8 inches and a resolution of 0.005" or 0.127 mm, the ODC 960 sets a new industry standard for wide-range sensors, providing unparalleled precision for converters seeking the utmost accuracy in their converting applications.

Web Guiding Applications and Advanced Web Guiding Concepts: May 13th 2020 Webinar

Web Guiding Applications 

  • Edge Guiding
    • Straight edge
    • Fuzzy edge
    • Jagged edge
    • Wrinkles
  • Center Guiding
    • One sensor measuring two edges
    • Two sensors, one each for an edge
    • Moving sensor center guiding (mechanical sensor repositioning)
    • Electronic guide point adjustment
  • Line guiding
    • Contrast/pattern guiding
    • Line/contrast/pattern guiding on unwinds and rewinds
  • Mechanical chasing application
  • Electronic chasing