How to Set the Actuator Parameters in SCU5 Controller

This video shows how to set the actuator parameters on the SCU5 controller. 

Since Roll-2-Roll Technologies offers several different actuators from different vendors, this allows for lot of flexibility for the end customer. 

👉🏻 More information on the actuator are here: 🔗 For more information about the SCU5 controller please visit:

Setting the Parameters of SCU5 for Servo Center Operation using a Physical or Electronic Position.


How to set the servo center position or the home position using the SCU5 controller.

  • 1: 22 Physically installating a proximity sensor to detect the home position.
  • 4:32 Changing the polarity of the servo center sensor.
  • 5:39 Some common problems with servo center or proximity sensor installation.
  • 7:00 Servo center position based on the electronic actuator position.
  • 8:30 Setting the servo center position electronically.