CASE STUDY: Web Guide Upgrade Kit for Aging Web Guides

A major printer in the New England region had several web guiding systems with failing controllers, sensors and actuators. We were approached by their engineering department and we offered them the option of using upgrade kits with drop in actuators. This would allow them to keep the web guide mechanism and they would upgrade their sensor, controller and actuator to the latest technology in the industry.

Web Guiding Fundamentals - Web Guide Actuators

So far we have discussed the different types of web guiding systems for converting applications. You now should know the different types of web guiding systems, and their design and installation recommendations. Also, you should have an idea of why web guiding is needed and where they should be installed in converting operations. In this blog post we will address a component of a web guiding system, the web guide actuators.

Upgrade Kit for a General Web Dynamics Web Guide for a Mark Andy 2200


An aging web guide no longer in production was causing losses for Labelteq Unlimited

Paul Black, President of Labelteq Unlimited, Inc. had a big problem in one of their converting lines...

His company needed a fast and permanent solution. Our proposed application with a web guide upgrade kit system helped him and his company reach that solution.

Labelteq Unlimited, Inc., was running into trouble with an old General Web Dynamics web guide installed on their Mark Andy 2200 7" press. This particular model uses a hydraulic actuator.