Specialty Sensing Application for Converters - Uneven Edge Guiding

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Lead Project Controls Engineer
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OEM of Web Handling Equipment for the Converting Industry

Our customer approached us with a very peculiar application, guiding a web with a sawtooth edge - uneven edge guiding.

Specialty sensor applications are our most distinctive competitiveness in the web guiding and monitoring spectrum of converting. The advanced technology of both our sensors and controllers allow us to do things that our competition can't. What would happen if a web required guiding but the edge is not straight line?


Uneven edges

These sensors are innovative, basically a non-tradition solution for sensing. I like that they always stand behind their sensors and are there when you need them during the application analysis, purchase and post purchase service.

Lead Project Control Engineer


Our customer approached us with a very peculiar application, guiding a web with a sawtooth edge. Our competitors could only follow the edge feature of the material, so the guiding would follow the contour of the web edge. This was not what the customer needed. The Lead Project Controls Engineer had been informed by a colleague that he knew of us as he had worked previously with us at the Web Handling Research Center at Oklahoma State University. After testing the web guiding and sensing solutions of another major manufacturer, they proved that they needed a new technology that could solve their problem. 

Sawtooth Edge
Specialty Guiding Application - Uneven edges

After several exchanges and better understanding of the problem, they tested our sensors as add-ons to their existing systems. They were very happy with the results. 

Roll-2-Roll Technologies came up with a solution that the competition could not. Their competition just didn't understand the problem