WPS 900 Sensor

WPS 900 provides a sensing range of 901 mm or 35.47”. This is the widest sensing range available today in the converting industry. 

The wide range offered by WPS 900 allows converters to handle a wide variety of web widths. A one sensor application lets you handle different web widths up to 35 inches with no sensor repositioning. A two sensor application gives you the ability to handle width changes from web to web of up to 70 inches, with the same benefit of eliminating the mechanical repositioning of sensors. Mechanical sensor repositioning, whether actuated or manual, can lead to increased down time, loss of precision in your measurements, and wear and tear in your converting line.

Aside from the benefits offered by the wider sensing range, WPS 900 offers additional benefits over sensor applications provided by other manufacturers in the market. It has a five thousands of an inch or 127 micron resolution across the entire sensing range. And as the entire line of WPS Sensor Products, WPS 900 requires no calibration when faced with changes in material or environmental conditions. So, you can look at a mesh and change immediately to a non-woven, or a film without having to calibrate the sensor. Additionally, WPS 900 is capable of detecting over 250 edges, so it can monitor multiple strips or strings.