Web Guiding Monitoring - Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC at Converters Expo 2022

Yes, we skipped exhibiting at Converters Expo last year, but we are back. After the hiatus in trade show attendance, it’s good to see Converters face to face. Better yet, we enjoy helping Converters solve problems that might seem unsolvable. 

This year we are sending two of our experts to work with you in solving your problem in web guiding and monitoring. Whether it’s an issue with edge, center or line guiding in a specialty area, or a difficult monitoring application, we have developed the technology to solve many problems in the industry.

This is the opportunity for you to see the new developments in web detection with linear cameras. We will showcase web guiding systems and web detection using edges or contrasts. One thing you might want to see for yourself is the low profile of the sensors. They can be placed in locations on your line where no other sensor can. 

Our team is also going to take some time during the week to visit customers and other Converters that would like to see what the future of web guiding brings. Contact us at the show or through our website If you are in the region and would like for us to evaluate your problem.

If you want to attend the Expo we can offer you a discount on your registration. Use Code CE22R2RVIP to get the discount.<


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ODC Linear Cameras for web position detection and monitoring