Web Position Sensor

Web edge sensor for challenging web materials

We are often asked by our customers to let them know if we can sense or edge guide a certain material. This is how this usually goes:

We have a difficult to sense material. It is very porous, non-homogeneous, extremely translucent... Do you think your web edge sensor can see the material and guide the material?

And our answer typically is, yes we can.

Plant Superintendent uses Web Guide Upgrade Kits on their Converting Lines


A nightmare to any Plant Superintendent or Manager, failing web guides that no longer have spare parts in the industry

Dallas Plastic was dealing with a difficult situation that was starting to affect their productivity.

Imagine having several converting lines with old web guide systems that were starting to fail. Worst of all, the suppliers consulted could not offer them replacement parts since this equipment was no longer manufactured. It seemed like the only option was to buy complete new units.

The uncertainty of trade shows in 2021

As you prepared the marketing budget for 2021, trade shows probably put a big question mark on your plan...

We sat late last year discussing this particular item while preparing our 2021 budget.

Trade shows hit a huge speed bump with all the restrictions caused by Covid-19. We just didn't know if people were going to attend or if exhibitors would participate. In talking to partners and customers we found that this was a variable that was up in the air.

Web Guiding Upgrade Applications

Web Guiding Upgrade Applications

Imagine running a converting operation that has multiple converting lines. Each of these lines has been in operation for at least 20 years. You have invested in many improvements to the line, but are now faced with aging web guiding systems that are starting to fail.

At first, you manage to work with the deficiencies they have.

Web Guiding and Monitoring Contrast Sensing - SCU5 Controller Set Up for Contrast Sensing

Roll-2-Roll Technologies' SCU5 Controller and Sensor system allows converters to use the contrast mode for line guiding in a few steps. This video shows how to teach the controller to tract a specific contrast for web guiding and monitoring. In additional videos we will discuss specific applications for contrast sensing that allow your converting operation to run more efficiently.