ODC 384

ODC 384

How to setup Web Width Measurement based on Web Edge with SCU5 Controller using Two Sensors

For a complete overview of web width measurement with Roll-2-Roll® Sensors and Roll-2-Roll® Controller please visit this page: https://r2r.tech/articles/web-width-measurement-and-monitoring-applications-and-technology


For more information about the SCU controller please visit: https://r2r.tech/products/roll-2-roll-controller

Web Guiding Applications and Advanced Web Guiding Concepts - Single Edge Guiding

In 2020 we hosted a webinar on web guiding applications and advanced web guiding concepts as a continuation of the educational series web guiding fundamentals. This webinar was the follow up on our seminar on Web Guiding Fundamentals, presented earlier that year, and commented in a series of blog posts in 2021. We would like to share some comments on the points presented in this webinar in the form of a series of blogs.

ODC 384-IR QD: One Dimensional Camera for edge guding, width measurement and inspection

ODC 384

The ODC 384 is a camera based solution with advanced CMOS technology that can replace machine vision systems for application such as edge guiding, center guiding, web width measurement, thread counting and some simple inspection application.