• WPS 48 IR sensor with 1in mounting bracket
  • Challenging edge position sensing application with WPS 48 IR
  • WPS 48 with the WPS Sensor Family
  • Edge guiding application with WPS 48 IR sensor
  • Contrast guiding application with WPS 48 WL sensor
  • Contrast sensing and measurement application with WPS 48 WL sensor
  • Line position sensing application with WPS 48 WL sensor
  • UV mark detection application with WPS 48 UV sensor

WPS 48 Sensor

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Highly Accurate Sensors Can Also Be Adaptive

Eliminate calibration. These sensors learn and adapt on the fly!

Roll-2-Roll® Sensors can measure edge position of any material without the need for any setup or calibration. The sensing principle relies on light scattering and spatial filtering properties of fiber optics to accurately determine the web position. The 48 mm sensor head is the smallest sensor in the Roll-2-Roll® Sensor family that can be used for edge sensing/guiding, contrast position sensing/guiding, line guiding, mark detection, etc. The sensor head along with the sensor control unit forms the complete sensing solution.

The patented fiber optic sensing principle enables the plug-and-play sensor technology. The sensor technology adjusts automatically to the physical characteristics of the material and provides an accurate position measurement. The sensor is essentially an affordable vision based sensing system different web sensing applications.

  • Save money with a single solution for multiple guiding applications
  • Save money with consolidated part number for one sensor that can be used for variety of applications
  • Increase productivity with no setup and calibration after product changeover
  • Save time with plug-and-play operation
  • Reduce waste with high accuracy and high precision guiding
  • A sensor that adapts automatically to any material helps decrease downtime
  • One sensor for multiple applications
  • Fiber optic sensor technology based on light scattering and spatial filtering for accurate measurement
  • No setup or calibration even when web opacity and porosity changes
  • High resolution sensor measurement that is independent of sensing range
  • Edge sensing, contrast sensing, line sensing, width measurement, center guiding, thread counting
  • Web guiding, simple inspection
Sensor Type Fiber Optic Sensor Range 48 mm
Sensor Resolution 0.0635 mm  Light Source Infrared, White Light, Ultraviolet
Number of Pixels 768 Sensor Accuracy > 99.2%
Sensor Frequency 50 Hz - 700 Hz Controller Required Yes
Optimal Working Distance 10 mm to 25 mm Cable Length Up to 10 m
Model Number Description
WPS 48-IR QD 48 mm Infrared Sensor with M12 Quick Discount Connector
WPS 48-UV QD 48 mm Ultraviolet Sensor with M12 Quick Discount Connector
WPS 48-WL QD 48 mm White Light Sensor with M12 Quick Discount Connector