Solving a difficult line guiding problem no one else could

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Engineering Manager
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Converter of precision die-cut components

We were looking for a line guiding solution that would track a line within other lines. No one could do it until we found Roll-2-Roll Technologies

A converter with a precision die cutting operation needed three web guides urgently for a line guiding application. The line guiding solutions they had found were very expensive and did not provide a solution to their problem. So far they were guiding the material manually, with a high cost of downtime and wasted materials. The materials were specialty materials with high price.

The proposed solutions by other major manufacturers of web guides were expensive and not 100% reliable for the application. The system had to be able to guide the material based on a line that was within other lines. We were contacted by them through our web site to inquire about our technology and if it could help them with their problem. 

During the conversation we understood that there were three main issues: guide a web on a line within other lines, compact design of the web guide, and lead time.


Compact Web Guide System - Line Guiding

After getting all the details of their situation we provided them with a solution within the required delivery time. It involved using our compact web guide with a contrast sensor.

Click on the video below for a demo of the contrast sensing application

Additionally, they required a system that could guide in both directions. Basically, web guides are not able to do that due to web guiding design dynamics. However, we were able to come with a solution that would allow them to have such a capability: a web guide mount that could rotate 180o. This required a repositioning of the operator interface screen outside of the compact guide enclosure. The customer took care of the rotating mount and we did the modification of the guide to use a wired remote controller and operator interface.


I liked that every time we needed support they could be reached by phone immediately

At the end, the customer was very happy with the technology and the support provided. Their ROI improved significantly due to an extreme reduction in wasted material and downtime.

I have recommended the product and the support to other converting operations as an effective and affordable solution to web guiding problems

Contrast Sensor

Roll-2-Roll Technologies Sensors for Web Guiding and Monitoring