Contrast Sensing and Options for Line Guiding Applications

Line guiding can be achieved even though there is not a specific line to guide from. The Roll-2-Roll Contrast Sensing Application allows the use of negative space between labels as an intermittent line. The technology behind this application allows to track such an intermittent line without the need for web speed input from the converting line. Therefore, there are no restrictions in guiding during slow down or speed up of the converting line. Furthermore, the system can track the threshold between two contrasts using the threshold as a line. 

In case the line is lost, the controller stops the web guide at it's last position. Once the line is found again the controller activates the web guide mechanism to continue guiding.

In this video we look at unconventional ways of using the line guiding application with the Roll-2-Roll® SCU5 Controller by detecting and monitoring features printed on the web.