Wide Web Guide System for Textile Fabric

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Richard Horton
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Engineering Automation Department
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North Carolina

Our customer needed a simple solution to guide their textile wide web fabric - They selected our Wide Web Guide System, and it worked great for their operation.

They required a system that would center the web material precisely in order to apply a special polymer material. Incorrect location of the web would result in spillage of the polymer and a complete stoppage of the line for cleanup. They though of vision systems and after reviewing several systems they found us and inquired about our Wide Web Guide System as method of placing the textile material in the centerline of their converting machine.

We offered a unit so they could test it and they were convinced that this was the solution. We assisted with the installation and they realized that it was a simple set up. They informed us that the Wide Web Guiding System furnished worked flawlessly. The fabric being fed through the conveyor belts is always centered, no matter what speed we run the belts.

Wide Web Guide System
Wide Web Guide System

This eliminated the need to install a complicated vision system or series of sensors to verify the fabric is always centered. It requires no special setups or changes when the fabric is loaded or changed and in us having to design and implement some type of centering controls.

Very impressed with the Roll-2-Roll centering device and how simple it is to use and set up. We were looking for a way to accomplish this without having to add the camera systems or special sensors which would have required technicians in the field to have to be trained on and learn how to use correctly. With the Roll-2-Roll unit, just load the fabric, verify that the sensor is on the edge of the fabric and push the start button.

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