Web Guiding Fundamentals - Common Terminology

As a converter that deals with the day to day operation of a converting line you probably run into issues with communication within your operation, or externally with suppliers. Your problem is how do you efficiently get your point across? It definitely helps if you use the proper terminology or understand other terms used in the industry. We want to help you with that with our Web Guiding Fundamentals series.

Web Guiding Upgrade Applications

Web Guiding Upgrade Applications

Imagine running a converting operation that has multiple converting lines. Each of these lines has been in operation for at least 20 years. You have invested in many improvements to the line, but are now faced with aging web guiding systems that are starting to fail.

At first, you manage to work with the deficiencies they have.

Pneumo-Hydraulic Web Guides Problems - What we know and what we can do for you

Many converting operations from the 60’s up to the 90’s adopted pneumo-hydraulic web guiding systems, especially in blown film lines, extrusion lines, flexographic printing presses and paper converting machines. These systems were a combination of a pneumatic sensor and  a hydraulic power unit and control to actuate a hydraulic cylinder to move the guide assembly.

New Technologies in Web Width Measurement

Web Width Measurement - an Important Quality Parameter

Web width measurement is one of those applications that is usually an afterthought until reality bites. Converters might be faced with improving their process by reducing web edge trim or eliminating downtime due to web widths out of specification. Most importantly, they want their customers to be happy by avoiding delivering products that do not comply with customer web width requirements.