Unwind/Rewind Guide

Web Guiding Fundamentals - Rewind Web Guide Structure

Rewind Web Guide Structure

In a previous blog we discussed the unwind web guide structure. Typically, these are made up of a shifting stand, an actuator to move the shifting stand, a fixed sensor mounted on the fixed base of the machine between the last shifting idler roll and a fixed roll, a controller, and of course, the web. Today we look at the rewind web guide structure.

Servo Center Servo Installation

The servo centering is a term used to indicate the middle or center position of a web guide mechanism. For an intermediate web guide this would be the position where the web guide mechanism would be aligned with the rest of the machine so that idle roller(s) on the web guide would be parallel to the other fixed idle rollers on the machine. With terminal guides this would usually correspond to the middle of the stroke of the unwind/rewind carriage.

Web Guiding Fundamentals

Web Guiding Fundamentals: Topics in this webinar

  • Web guiding Terminology
  • Why we need web guides?
  • Types of web guides: Terminal and Intermediate web guides
  • Normal entry rule
  • Main components of a web guiding system
  • Unwind web guide structure
  • Rewind web guide structure
  • Terminal web guides design and installation considerations
  • Offset-pivot guide or displacement guide design and installation considerations
  • Steering or remotely pivoted web guide design and installation considerations