Introducing ODC 960

Roll-2-Roll Technologies is proud to announce the introduction of their latest product, the ODC 960 sensor. Boasting a sensing range of 37.8 inches and a resolution of 0.005" or 0.127 mm, the ODC 960 sets a new industry standard for wide-range sensors, providing unparalleled precision for converters seeking the utmost accuracy in their converting applications.

Web Guide Actuators

Roll-2-Roll Technologies doesn't just cater to the narrow web guide applications. Our line of actuators can help you in both narrow and wide web applications at any point in your converting process that requires accurate and precise positioning of your web.

Electromechanical actuators are used when quick reactions to changes in the web position are needed. The actuator connects directly to the control unit.

Web Guide Solutions: Retrofit Kit for Pneumo-hydraulic units

Looking for a way to update your pneumohydraulic converting machine? Using a retrofit kit from Roll-2-Roll Technologies saves money and hassle without having to replace your entire line. Learn about the many benefits a web guide retrofit kit has to offer. Whether you want to upgrade an existing machine or experience the latest in web guiding technology on a smaller budget, retrofit kits are the answer.