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Web Guiding Terminology

Different terms related to web guiding are discussed in this article.

Web Guiding

Web guiding is the process of regulating the cross machine position of the web while the web is transported over the rollers in roll-to-roll processing machinery. Other terms for web guiding include:

Pneumo-Hydraulic Web Guides

What are Pneumo-Hydraulic Web Guides?

Many displacement guides, steering guides, unwind / rewind guides manufactured in the 1960’s, 1970's, 1980’s and 1990's were controlled using both pneumatic and hydraulic control systems which are often referred to as pneumo-hydraulic web guides. These web guide were really common before the mass adoption of the electronic (analog and digital) controllers and electric actuators. A lot of these units were predominant in blown film lines, extrusion lines, flexographic printing presses and even in paper converting machines. 

Sinusoidal disturbance rejection demo featuring Roll-2-Roll Technologies web guiding system

Roll-2-Roll Technologies web guiding system uses a revolutionary fiber optic web sensing technology to accurately measure web position. In this video, several speeds and several disturbance frequencies are introduced to evaluate the performance of the web guide for a sinusoidal disturbance commonly seen in web lines.