Case Study Contrast Sensing Web Guiding for Textiles Converting


Upgrade of a web guide system for specialty center guiding with the latest Roll-2-Roll® Sensor System for Contrast Sensing.


Specialty Textiles Manufacturer - Illinois

James Iglesias - Maintenance Engineer

Customer Problem/Challenge

Our customer wanted to guide the web based on a center selvage. They could not find a reasonable solution and had developed an in-house system that did not provide a satisfactory result. Our solution involved a contrast sensing application.

Center Selvage in a Textile Web

Our Solution

We offered them a SCU5 controller and WPS 221 white light sensor to connect to their current web guiding system. This would provide a detection of the position of the selvage within the specified tolerances and would give the output to the web guide mechanism to correctly position the web by using the contrast sensing application.

Contrast Sensing Applications


Once the personnel became familiar with the system they were satisfied with the results of the selvage guiding application. The customer liked the plug and play capacity of the systems and the uniqueness of the technology, considering that they had not found a reasonable application to solve their problem. The customer was able to avoid purchasing expensive replacement solutions that would have to be engineered to their specifications. Read more in their testimonial.


  • Quality of production - Material was kept in line based on the position of the selvage
  • Downtime reduction - Increased reliability of the system, less time spent working on adjusting the web guiding system.
  • Investment Savings - Upgrade allowed for use of existing web guide mechanism

Why the customer chose us

We provided a simple to install and operate solution for a problem that no one else has been able to help with.

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