Case Study - Line Guiding Application


Tracking a printed line within other lines using Roll-2-Roll® Sensor System.


Converter of Precision Die-Cut Components in Indiana

Engineering Manager Customer


Our customer needed three web guides urgently for a line guiding application. The solutions they had found were very expensive and did not provide a solution to their problem. They had been manually guiding an expensive specialty material, with a high cost of downtime and wasted materials.. The material had to be guided based on a line that was within other lines. We were contacted by them and during the conversation we understood that there were three main issues: guide a web on a line within other lines, compact design of the web guide, and lead time.

Our Solution

We offered a compact web guide system with contrast sensing for line guiding, with integrated operator interface display and 10 inch rollers for plug and play installation and operation. After installing the first two units, the customer approached us again with an interesting request: they wanted to be able to use the web guide in both directions. Web guiding dynamics does not allow for a web guiding system to guide in both directions. We came up with a simple solution: Install the web guide on a plate that would rotate horizontally 180o to reverse the direction of guiding. This required the addition of a remote operator interface to allow access to the operator upon turning the web guide direction.

Contrast Sensing Applications

Compact Web Guide System

Results or Customer Satisfaction

At the end, the customer was very happy with the technology and the support provided. Their ROI improved significantly due to an extreme reduction in wasted material and downtime. Read more their testimonial.


  • Quality of production - Greater reliability than other suppliers options
  • Downtime reduction - Elimination of manual guidance
  • Operation cost reduction - downtime reduction through elimination of manual guidance, savings from reduction of wasted material, high cost materials
  • Investment Savings - Less expensive than other alternatives

Why the customer chose us

Nobody could offer them a solution of guiding on a line that was within other lines, and the options offered were expensive and did not solve the problem

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