CASE STUDY: Pneumo-hydraulic Web Guide Upgrade of a GWD Web Guide MA 2200


Pneumo-Hydraulic Web Guide Upgrade of out dated web guide system


Company: LabelTeq Unlimited, Inc

Project Lead: Paul Black

Customer Problem/Challenge

The customer had an old General Web Dynamics web guide installed on their Mark Andy 2200 7" press. This particular model uses a hydraulic actuator. The existing web guide started to throw the web to the side causing breaks in the web. This created unnecessary downtime to fix the broken web, reset the web guide, and thread the web through the press. Additionally, they were facing increasing scrap from the damaged web. The operators of the line were becoming frustrated by the recurring issue with the web guide. As the problem progressed it was found that the hydraulic pump that powered the cylinder used as the actuator was failing. At the end, they decided to run without the web guide, risking problems in their final product. It was not a condition that they were willing to maintain too long as the web was not guaranteed to be aligned in the press. Most of the solutions available involved replacing the complete web guide with a brand new one. None of the web guide manufacturers contacted offered a retrofit or upgrade kit of the web guide because it was no longer manufactured and the original manufacturer no longer existed. Cost and ease of installation was still an issue in selecting this. They looked for different solutions and felt that it would be better to change the hydraulic actuator to an electromechanical system.

Our Solution

We offered an upgrade kit with an electromechanical actuator, controller, and sensor that would provide them with the latest in web guiding technology in the industry. Our proposed solution included a drop-in electromechanical actuator and our services to upgrade the web guide in our facility, along with the controller, motor driver and sensor.

Web Guide Upgrade Kit

Results or Customer Satisfaction

At the end, the customer was happy to solve their issue with the failing web guide. The operators were very happy to have a sound web guiding solution. After this experience, the customer is sure that they are qualified to do a future upgrade in much less time than this first experience and are very satisfied with the performance of the upgrade. Read the testimonial


  • Downtime reduction
  • Reduction of material waste
  • Ease of operation
  • Maintenance expense reduction

Why the customer chose us?

We were the only manufacturer that could upgrade their aging web guide system. It was a solution that allowed them a technologically and operationally more advanced and efficient system at a fraction of the cost offered by competitors.

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