Case Study - Uneven Edge Guiding - Specialty Sensing


Uneven Edge Guiding using Line Guiding of Web - Sensor Upgrade with the latest Roll-2-Roll® Sensor System.


Company: OEM of Web Handling Equipment for the Converting Industry - Illinois

Project Lead: Lead Project Controls Engineer - Engineering

Customer Problem/Challenge

The customer required a web guiding solution for a web with a saw tooth edge. Our competitors could only follow the edge with their sensor and controller, so the web guide would move according to the contour of the web. The customer wanted a system that would guide the web in a straight fashion. After testing the web guiding and sensing solutions of another major manufacturer, they proved that they needed a new technology that could solve their problem.

Uneven edges

Our Solution

The Lead Project Controls Engineer had been informed by a colleague that he knew of us as he had worked previously with us at the Web Handling Research Center at Oklahoma State University. We offered them a SCU5 D controller and WPS 48 white light sensor to connect to their current web guiding system. The sensor and controller could be connected to their current guiding system. They would have the capability of edge and line guiding. The system would guide on a printed feature on the web.

Specialty Guiding Application - Uneven Edges

Results or Customer Satisfaction

The customer was satisfied with us working to fix their problem without having to change their process or product. They liked the innovative approach to the problem and the non-traditional solution given. Read more about their satisfaction in this testimonial.


  • Quality of production - Better edge detection
  • Downtime reduction - Avoidance of production stoppage due to web guide failure and elimination of calibration of sensor on changing web material
  • Investment Savings - Upgrade allowed for use of existing web guide mechanism

Why the customer chose us?

The competition was not able to provide them a solution as they did not quite understand the customer’s problem.

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