CASE STUDY: Web Guide Sensor Upgrade - Metal Lamination


Web Guide Sensor Upgrade for Existing Web Guide, Lamination on Metals


Company: American Nickeloid Company

Project Lead: Henry Maze - Plant Engineer Customer


A premier supplier of continuous coated metal coil products had a failing sensor and controller on a web guide mounted on a laminating converting line. This was starting to affect their production efficiency through increasing downtime. At some point the system would completely fail and possibly cause a complete shutdown of the production line. The line of web guides had been discontinued. There was no technical support or spare parts for the system. The sensor and controller had started to fail, and the option offered by web guide manufacturers was to purchase a complete system. Additionally, their lines ran multiple materials for laminating the metal sheet, so they would have to calibrate sensors to adjust to changing materials and environmental conditions.

Our Solution

The customer started an online search for alternative solutions and found one of our YouTube videos. They like the capability to “see” clear, porous, and non-porous webs without the need to calibrate the sensor. Additionally, they liked the upgrade kits for web guiding as they would be able to use the existing web guide mechanism by replacing the sensor and control. After several email exchanges the customer selected a WPS 48 IR sensor with an SCU5 D controller for sensor applications. The controller was later upgraded to an SCU5 C(E)D with EtherNet Communications for integration with their converting line controls. Even though their line processed different web widths, it was set up to have one edge at the same location in the converting line. This allowed for the use of the smaller sensor.

Results or Customer Satisfaction

The customer avoided an impending line shutdown from a complete sensor and controller failure. They were happy with the support as we worked through their problem. They found the sensor technology very practical and advanced in comparison with fork style sensors and other options. They look forward to approaching us for future applications. Read their testimonial.


  • Quality of production - Better edge detection
  • Downtime reduction - Avoidance of production stoppage due to web guide failure and elimination of calibration of sensor on changing web material
  • Investment Savings - Upgrade allowed for use of existing web guide mechanism

Why the customer chose us?

Best option for edge sensing dealing with different materials. Ability to integrate to other manufacturer’s web guide as an upgrade. Excellent technical support.

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