Case Study - Web Guide Upgrade with Roll-2-Roll Web Guide Upgrade Kit


Web Guide Upgrade Edge Guiding


Company: Plastic Film Manufacturer in North East US

Project Lead: Steven Fiedorczyk - Maintenance Manager

Customer Problem/Challenge

Our customer had several converting lines with web guides running on old and outdated electronics. They were facing complete failure or existing web guides, no spares or support from their current supplier, and complex operation and upkeep. Replacing with new units from the same supplier would still have the issues of complexity and cost of purchasing new web guide systems. web guides it seemed that their only solution was to buy complete web guide systems. The most urgent application required a solution that would allow for center guiding of webs with widths ranging from 40 inches to 80 inches..

Our Solution

Our sales representative for that region visited their facility and introduced our customer to our technology. The customer knew our sales rep well and had worked with him for many years in the converting industry. After some conversations the customer decided to look at the web guide upgrade kit as an alternative to their problem. After reviewing the characteristics of the actuator (stroke, mountings and thrust), we were able to provide an upgrade system that included two sensors each with a 17 inch range, a controller, a motor driver and an actuator with the appropriate connections to facilitate installation in the existing web guide mechanism. The solution provided a center guiding option that would not require physical repositioning of sensors when faced with width changes and edge detection that did not require calibration of the sensors under changing material or environmental conditions.

Web Guide Upgrade Kit

Results or Customer Satisfaction

The first system proved to the customer that this would be a great solution for the rest of their aging web guide systems. They proceeded to purchase additional units to cover a range of web guiding applications with single edge guiding or center guiding on lines processing different web widths. Read the customer's testimonial.


  • Cost Savings - Avoided a costly replacement of web guides, less expensive than other alternatives
  • Downtime Avoidance - Eliminations of possible complete failure of existing web guides
  • Operation Cost Reduction - downtime reduction by eliminating reposition of sensors for width changes

Why the customer chose us?

The customer was impressed with the elimination of sensor repositioning. We offered a solution that required less investment and guaranteed operation of the equipment for an extended time.

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