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Roll-2-Roll Steering Guide

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Most Intelligent WEB GUIDES should be EASY TO USE!

Simplify your setup without sacrificing accuracy

Roll-2-Roll Steering Guides are ideal for applications with long entry spans, where displacement guides cannot be used. Narrow Web Steering Guides are for narrow web applications with a maximum roller length of 500 mm. A patented fiber optic sensor enables the plug-and-play web guiding system. The Roll-2-Roll Sensor technology adjusts automatically to the physical characteristics of the material, such as opacity and porosity, to provide accurate web guiding performance.

Roll-2-Roll Steering Guides are easy to install, integrate in tight spaces, simple to operate and enable quick changeovers while reducing waste with accurate guiding capabilities. The Roll-2-Roll Controller, in its different versions for web guiding applications, powers the Narrow Web Steering Guides.

No Setup + No Calibration = No Worries

Simple and easy solution

  • Increase productivity with no setup and calibration after product changeover
  • Save time with plug-and-play operation
  • Reduce waste with high accuracy and high precision guiding
  • Save money with a single solution for multiple guiding applications
  • A sensor that adapts automatically to any material helps decrease downtime
  • Grooved rollers for improved traction and guiding performance
  • Linear hybrid stepper motor with high dynamic response and positioning accuracy for superior performance to minimize waste
  • Low voltage and safe operation with 24 VDC power input
  • Color touchscreen operator interface with language independent icons for easy adoption in multiple regions
  • Narrow web converting applications where a displacement guide cannot be used
  • Edge guiding, center guiding, line guiding and contrast guiding
Roller Face 250, 300, 375, 425, 500, 550 mm Nominal Travel ± 16 mm
Nominal Temperature 0 - 60° C  Correction Rate Up to 42 mm/sec
Motor Type Linear Hybrid Stepper Operator Interface Color touchscreen
Input Supply 24 VDC Languages Language Independent
Control Frequency 50 Hz Sensor Type Fiber Optic
Error Frequency 2 Hz Sensor Resolution 0.0635 mm or 0.125 mm
Maximum Tension 175 N Sensor Range 16, 48, 221 or 440 mm
Linear Force 150 N Accuracy >99.2%
Available Steering Web Guide Sizes
Model Number Description
WMS G250-50-NC-SG Web guide mechanism: 50 mm diameter, 250 mm wide roller
WMS G300-50-NC-SG Web guide mechanism: 50 mm diameter, 300 mm wide roller
WMS G375-50-NC-SG Web guide mechanism: 50 mm diameter, 375 mm wide roller
WMS G425-50-NC-SG Web guide mechanism: 50 mm diameter, 425 mm wide roller
WMS G500-50-NC-SG Web guide mechanism: 50 mm diameter, 500 mm wide roller