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Web guiding system: Why, What, Where and How?

Flexible materials, often called webs, are used in wide variety of manufacturing processes to create finished goods used in industrial, military and consumer applications. Webs such as paper, plastic, metals, film, foil, and nonwoven are common raw materials used in the manufacturing processes. Variety of processes such as, printing, coating, laminating, slitting, embossing, etc., are performed on the flexible materials to create the finished products. This process is often referred to as converting where the raw material is converted into finished products.

Innovation in Manufacturing : Company Culture or a Go-To Word?

Innovation. This word is prominent in most industrial websites, a go-to word in nearly every company description. Yet, 94 percent of managers are displeased with their companies innovation record.

Innovation is more than a go-to word. It's a culture.

If that’s the case, why are so many companies resistant to change? How can we bridge the gap between their expectations and reality?

New Web Edge Sensor Technology for Web Guiding

Faster speeds and thinner materials… these are two of the most important trends the nonwoven industry is experiencing and equipment manufacturers are challenged to adapt to these trends rapidly. One of the innovative technological developments of 2015 addresses these two trends by providing a major leap in web guiding through the new sensor technology based on the principle of light scattering and a patented fiber optic sensing principle.