CASE STUDY - Pneumo-Hydraulic Web Guide Upgrade


Pneumo-Hydraulic Web Guide Upgrade 


Company: Dallas Plastics - Wentzville, MO

Project Lead: Dennis Sampson - Plant Superintendent

Customer Problem/Challenge

The customer runs several blown film lines. Each line comes equipped with at least one pneumo-hydraulic off-set pivot guide on each of their lines. Most of these systems are old and the manufacturers of several of these web guides were no longer in existence, or had discontinued the manufacture of the models in use. They have no replacement parts or service. They were facing losses from unnecessary downtime and product scrap. Hydraulic leaks were causing issues of safety and loss of materials from contamination. The solution they had received so far from their current web guide suppliers was to replace complete web guiding systems on all converting lines within the next couple of years. This was a very expensive solution. Then a GWD pneumo-hydraulic web guide stopped working during the night shift and they needed a fast solution.


Our Solution

We presented the alternative of upgrade kits that would replace certain components of the web guide and would use the same mechanical components. The upgrade would require a controller, sensor, actuator, motor driver and all peripheral connectors. After discussions on specific details for connecting the actuator to the web guide frame, shipping of the parts was achieved in less than one week. Our technical personnel guided their maintenance team through the entire process until they had a running converting line again. Understanding the urgency of the problem they were facing, we issued a price quote for the upgrade kit that same day. Typically, the lead time is 4 weeks, but for this project we were able to ship within a week of receiving the PO.

Pneumo-hydraulic Upgrade Kit

Results or Customer Satisfaction

Our technical staff was in contact with their maintenance personnel constantly to guide them through the installation process and first runs. We trained their staff, both English and Spanish speaking, to make sure they understood the controller operation. They were happy to have found a less expensive option than complete replacement of the web guides, fast lead lead time and commissioning of the web guide, and simple system to operate with user friendly operator interface. Read the customer's testimonial.


  • Downtime avoidance
  • Operation cost reduction
  • Investment Savings
  • Safety - Elimination of slip hazard
  • Product Quality - Removal of hydraulic units eliminated product contamination from hydraulic leaks

Why the customer chose us?

An affordable option to replacing entire web guide systems. Easier to operate and maintenance free guide system. Fast lead times. Excellent product support.


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