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Pneumo-hydraulic web guides were causing contamination issues - an upgrade kits application


Manchester Packaging operates several blown film lines to produce food grade blown film. This requires great care in maintaining a clean uncontaminated clear web through the manufacturing process. Their issues were solved with 

Early in 2018, one of Manchester Packaging's managers contacted us indicating their interest in upgrade kits for pneumo-hydraulic systems. Even though he had not heard of us, his Maintenance Manager suggested that he contact us for their current web guiding issues.

Plant Superintendent uses Web Guide Upgrade Kits on their Converting Lines


A nightmare to any Plant Superintendent or Manager, failing web guides that no longer have spare parts in the industry

Dallas Plastic was dealing with a difficult situation that was starting to affect their productivity.

Imagine having several converting lines with old web guide systems that were starting to fail. Worst of all, the suppliers consulted could not offer them replacement parts since this equipment was no longer manufactured. It seemed like the only option was to buy complete new units.

Upgrade Kit for a General Web Dynamics Web Guide for a Mark Andy 2200


An aging web guide no longer in production was causing losses for Labelteq Unlimited

Paul Black, President of Labelteq Unlimited, Inc. had a big problem in one of their converting lines...

His company needed a fast and permanent solution. Our proposed application with a web guide upgrade kit system helped him and his company reach that solution.

Labelteq Unlimited, Inc., was running into trouble with an old General Web Dynamics web guide installed on their Mark Andy 2200 7" press. This particular model uses a hydraulic actuator.

Web Guiding Upgrade Applications

Web Guiding Upgrade Applications

Imagine running a converting operation that has multiple converting lines. Each of these lines has been in operation for at least 20 years. You have invested in many improvements to the line, but are now faced with aging web guiding systems that are starting to fail.

At first, you manage to work with the deficiencies they have.

Pneumo-Hydraulic Web Guides Problems - What we know and what we can do for you

Many converting operations from the 60’s up to the 90’s adopted pneumo-hydraulic web guiding systems, especially in blown film lines, extrusion lines, flexographic printing presses and paper converting machines. These systems were a combination of a pneumatic sensor and  a hydraulic power unit and control to actuate a hydraulic cylinder to move the guide assembly.