Web Width Measurement with Roll-2-Roll WPS 440 Sensor

Roll-2-Roll Technologies offers robust width measurement capabilities with the WPS 440 Sensor. Using a PLC  connected via ethernet, we are able to accurately measure the width of any material. 

This is just one of the many capabilities that our WPS 440 sensor can provide. The Roll-2-Roll Technologies ARIS WPS 440 is a versatile sensor with an integrated sensor control unit, a 440 mm sensing window, and multiple functionality. The sensor technology requires no setup or calibration. The sensing principle relies on light scattering and spatial filtering properties of fiber optics to accurately determine the features on the web. The 440 mm sensor version is suited for edge guiding applications with frequent width changes, web width measurement, center guiding, etc. The sensor is also used in simple inspection applications such as thread counting, string coverage, void detection, etc.

The patented fiber optic sensing principle enables the plug-and-play sensor technology. The sensor technology adjusts automatically to the physical characteristics of the material and provides an accurate position measurement. ARIS WPS is essentially an affordable vision based sensing system different web sensing applications.

For more information visit: https://r2r.tech/products/aris-wps-440

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