Wide Web Guides

Pneumo-hydraulic web guides were causing contamination issues - an upgrade kits application


Manchester Packaging operates several blown film lines to produce food grade blown film. This requires great care in maintaining a clean uncontaminated clear web through the manufacturing process. Their issues were solved with 

Early in 2018, one of Manchester Packaging's managers contacted us indicating their interest in upgrade kits for pneumo-hydraulic systems. Even though he had not heard of us, his Maintenance Manager suggested that he contact us for their current web guiding issues.

Web Guiding Fundamentals - Web Guide Actuators

So far we have discussed the different types of web guiding systems for converting applications. You now should know the different types of web guiding systems, and their design and installation recommendations. Also, you should have an idea of why web guiding is needed and where they should be installed in converting operations. In this blog post we will address a component of a web guiding system, the web guide actuators.

Web Guiding Fundamentals - Intermediate Web Guides

Intermediate Web Guides

Used before a critical process in the converting line 

In our previous post on web guiding fundamentals, we mentioned the terminal web guides. These are web guides that are found at the start or the end of the process. Their location is usually on an unwind or a rewind stand. As we discussed, their installation depends on whether the guiding system is used for unwinding a roll of web or rewind a processed web into a roll.

Plant Superintendent uses Web Guide Upgrade Kits on their Converting Lines


A nightmare to any Plant Superintendent or Manager, failing web guides that no longer have spare parts in the industry

Dallas Plastic was dealing with a difficult situation that was starting to affect their productivity.

Imagine having several converting lines with old web guide systems that were starting to fail. Worst of all, the suppliers consulted could not offer them replacement parts since this equipment was no longer manufactured. It seemed like the only option was to buy complete new units.

Servo Center Servo Installation

The servo centering is a term used to indicate the middle or center position of a web guide mechanism. For an intermediate web guide this would be the position where the web guide mechanism would be aligned with the rest of the machine so that idle roller(s) on the web guide would be parallel to the other fixed idle rollers on the machine. With terminal guides this would usually correspond to the middle of the stroke of the unwind/rewind carriage.

Web Guiding Fundamentals

Web Guiding Fundamentals: Topics in this webinar

  • Web guiding Terminology
  • Why we need web guides?
  • Types of web guides: Terminal and Intermediate web guides
  • Normal entry rule
  • Main components of a web guiding system
  • Unwind web guide structure
  • Rewind web guide structure
  • Terminal web guides design and installation considerations
  • Offset-pivot guide or displacement guide design and installation considerations
  • Steering or remotely pivoted web guide design and installation considerations

Master/Slave Web Guiding System Installation

Master/slave guiding is a technique used to align two layers of web material, one on top of the other. This process involves measuring the position of the unguided master web, which serves as the base substrate. The position measurement is then relayed to a slave web guiding system. The slave web guide utilizes this information, known as the guidepoint offset, to accurately guide the web material. As the master web moves, the guide point of the slave web is adjusted accordingly, ensuring that the web is guided to a new location that maintains proper lamination between the two webs.